Saturday, 17 March 2018


For a number of reasons, I decided to change up my makeup routine, and that included the need to  change and be on the lookout for new foundations that would work for my oily skin. I am someone that likes to stick to what works. I  also wouldn't normally buy stuff without getting a review about it, which is what I did for MAYBELLINE FIT ME ,MATTE + PORELESS FOUNDATION.
I finally tried this foundation and here's what I observed.

It has a runny/watery texture,  I had to pour a little carefully on the back of my Palm, to avoid excess spillage.
 When I applied to skin, I found out it was lightweight, it didn't feel like I had foundation on. I was impressed by this.

It has a medium coverage, which can be built to a full coverage, it's best to use a concealer with it if you need an extra coverage for spots. I used a pump for all over my face and didn't use a concealer as I wanted to truly find out how well it could cover my scars.

 It has a scent, it is not overpowering just a mild smell that goes away after application.

It wasn't packaged in a box, it was sold off the shelf to me in a 30ml bottle. Which left me wondering if that's how they are being imported .

Upon application, it mattified/dried  instantly, giving me a natural finish as it claimed. I moisturized only, and then did the powder before foundation technique, after which I applied the foundation and finished it off with the ZARON FACE PALLETE MATTIFYING POWDER.
 It stayed on my skin for over 8 hours and I only blotted my face with a tissue as I was on the move. I also used my powder brush without applying powder, to brush off any seeping oil on my face. 
Exactly 9hrs after blotting
  • It  oxidizes, it appears darker after it has set on the skin.
  • It doesn't have a pump/applicator. Considering its texture, I hoped for a better applicator to help guage the amount of product to use.

It caters for normal to oily skin and I would recommend this Foundation paired with a primer for my fellow greasy dolls. If you have a dry skin, this may not be the best foundation as it mattifies, you may look patchy only if you pair with a hydrating primer and powder. This foundation is a good one for its price. It retails for 4500 Naira(depends on the store,prices may differ).

Till my next read !
Cynthia .

What are your thoughts,have you tried this foundation ? What other foundations can you recommend ?

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


A lot of ladies have accepted the braid wig trend, not just because it's stressfree, it's also a good buy given that braid wigs can last as long as you want it to before replacing it.
Since I started making wigs, I discovered that it is proper  maintenance that determines the durability of  your wigs. 
Most times, some ladies are faced with a major challenge on how to care properly for their hair units, a weave or a wig . However, caring for our hair units is a vital part of our slayage ( is that even a word ??) and shouldn't be very difficult to do. It's best to see your hair units as investments and your investments(wigs/weave) should be adequately taken care of  regardless of the cost.
Braid wigs are easy to maintain without much hassles (because that's the whole point of owning a wig. No stress!)

  • Trim the frayed hairs on the each braid first with a pair of scissors. 
  • Dip the braid halfway through into a bowl of hot water to straighten the tips.
  • Massage a generous amount of hair mousse on the braids, when it's still wet to make it firm when it dries .
  • Allow it to dry naturally, make sure to avoid using heat as that would melt the extensions .
  • Spray on some oil sheen.
 Voila ! your wig is set for another day in town.

Wig made by  me. Please forgive the blurry pictures. 
NB: It's advisable to place your wigs on a mannequin head, instead of nails as that would lead to a damaged wig sooner than later.
Also, if you normally tie up your braid wig , because of heat, try  loosening it after each wear.

Ps; seek professional help from your stylist if it's too much work for you.

I love braid wigs, do you? What are your thoughts on how best to care for them. Leave me a comment.

Till my next read !
Cynthia .

Sunday, 25 February 2018


 Hi,my name is Cynthia and i love DIYs 😋.Here's the thing about DIYs, I see them as mother nature's gift to mankind to help combat impurities ,from cold to cramps to acne . Another part I love the most is it's pocket friendly.  Also ,would you rather heap harsh chemicals on your skin? . The skin is the largest organ in the body and it should be handled with optimal care . It's safer and kinder to use ingredients that are organic to help fight acne .  I have tried a lot of DIYs ,but I have a few that I would truly recommend for people who have it bad like me .Top 5 on my list .

Cinnamon is a spice,Yes. Not to worry its not pepper. Honey and cinnamon make a killer combo for acne remedy . Honey , has natural antibiotic elements that kills all of the nasty bacteria . Cinnamon on the other hand ,has antimicrobial  properties that curbs bacteria .

What you need ;
I teaspoon of cinnamon powder
2 tablespoons of honey 
a bowl .

  • Thoroughly mix the honey and cinnamon in a bowl ,till it forms a paste (don't add water ).
  • Apply to an already cleansed and dry face ,let it sit for 15 - 30minutes  or more if you have the time .
  •  Wash off with cold water. 
* this mixture can be stored in the fridge for as long as you need it . It's also preferable to whip it up in small batches.

       ACV is a powerhouse for acne remedy . It kills off bacteria that causes acne , it's alkaline elements helps to balance the PH of the skin ,which makes it hard for acne causing bacteria to thrive .
ACV helps to also dry up excess oil. Also, bear in mind MODERATION is key , you don't want to overdo it which might lead to a dry skin ,which will cause the sebaceous gland (oil secreting) to overcomepensate ,therefore causing breakouts. This is a current toner of mine and I love how it also helps with hyperpigmentation.

What you need ;
Apple cider vinegar  1 part
water  3 parts
cotton wool
bottle/ bowl

  • Mix the ACV and water into a bottle or bowl .
  • Dab cotton wool in the mixture ,apply to a cleansed face as toner ,let it dry before applying your moisturizer. 

I know what you're thinking . I'm not crazy believe me! When I try  DIYs at home, my mum is worried that her daughter may be running mad(because of pimple). Meanwhile, People don't know that asides from all the goodness packed in bananas, their peels  contain something called LUTEIN , an extremely powerful antioxidant that reduces swelling and inflammation. It also encourages healthy cell growth. Rubbing a banana peel over the problem areas on the face ,will reduce redness and itching  and discomfort of acne . So ,when next you're eating a banana ,you should utilize the peel .

What you need ;
1 banana peel


  • Rub the peel all over the face ,allow it to sit on the skin for 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water .

Steam can help soothe a number of minor maladies, acne being one of them. It helps reduce acne and it's glaring appearance ,by opening up the pores and flushing out impurities within the skin. You can choose to steam , then apply a treatment afterwards , or you can steam with a treatment by adding a part of TEA TREE OIL  into the boiling water . Tea tree oil unblocks pores and kills acne causing bacteria.

What you need ;
Boiling water
Large Towel
stainless bowl.

  • In a stainless bowl ,pour boiling water into it and position your face over the bowl ,with a large towel draped over your head to trap the steam. Do this for 15 minutes. 

Aloe Vera gel has antibacterial  properties.  It also works as an anti-inflammatory, it's soothing nature decreases redness and swelling. The best way to get it ,is to have it planted in your house ~because organic . It can also be bought in stores .

What you need ;
Aloe Vera gel (enough of it)


  • Apply the gel to the problem areas after washing you face.
let it sit on your skin. You could leave it overnight as well.
* you can also add a part of tea tree oil to the gel for a better result .

Acne can be caused by a lot of factors and it takes more than a day ,a week ,even a month to finally see results from  your consistent skincare routine and even an organic DIY . It's recommended to  try to eat  more healthy meals  and  Be patient and persistent with each treatment .

Would like to hear from you ,have you tried any of the DIYs ?, or you have any to recommend. Leave me a comment .

Till my next read !

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Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Valentine's day is here again and i do believe that showing love to yourself ,and those around you is a perfect way to celebrate. I have a lot on my wish lists asides a camera and a new laptop ,I have to  of course have  beauty products, so I decided to write down a few beauty products  top on my list .

PIXI GLOW TONIC ; I have heard /seen reviews from beauty influencers and a lot of bloggers ,who have raved about this toner and it goes from wonderful to downright amazing . This has made me to long for this product to help battle my acne scars and hyper pigmentation,if you are feeling like my valentine , my skin definitely needs some TLC from this product

JUVIAS MASQUERADE EYESHADOW PALETTE; I love me some pigment and juvia is a brand that has not failed in that area, when i look at the masquerade palette ,all i see is the looks i can create with this palette alone .  Also because i haven't used anything from juvia, i am definitely look forward to trying it . If you are feeling like gifting it to yourself or me, lol,  you can check it here .

  YVES ROCHER SEBO VEGETAL ZERO BLEMISH GEL CREAM;  I am on the look out for products that will minimize my scarring and help rejuvenate my skin, I stumbled upon this product from some beauty /skin care bloggers and it seems to be a wonderful product with a lot of potentials .

I believe if i can get one of these products, my skin will feel loved .

what are on your valentine's day wishlist ? would you be gifting yourself any of them ?

Happy valentine's day beauties .


Saturday, 27 January 2018


Hey guys ,

Bringing you all the positive vibes from this end  my smile can testify !

If you are like me, you love makeup ,and are looking for best ways to take care of your skin then you will agree with me that understanding your skin type is the basis for your make up application and giving quality care for the skin.

Monday, 22 January 2018


I am currently obsessing about skincare and how best to take care of your type of skin. I am here to preach (yes preach ) about the gospel of skincare ,but first the Basics.
I have seen a lot of people not care about their skin and are not mindful of what they put on their skin ,some others just can't be bothered with a regular skincare routine ,some will say who has money for that one na ?
Taking care of your skin doesn't have to be so expensive ,which is one of the reasons why I have put down a regular/basic  skincare routine .

Hydration; constant intake of water causes the skin to look healthier and more supple ,it is recommended to take at least 8 glasses of water a day ,I have an app on my phone that reminds me to take water ,it does help the internal organs as well as the skin ,drinking more water is a first step in taking care of the skin .
Eden apricot scrub 

Exfoliate : exfoliating the skin helps to remove dead skin cells and give room for renewed layer which when done right gives the skin a rejuvenated look  ,I have tried body scrubs like EDEN APRICOT SCRUB FOR FACE AND BODY  just  as the name says can be used on the face as well as the body ,this product is best used with a body sponge .best to exfoliate twice or thrice a retails from 1,700 to 3,500 naira

 2) CLEANSE .tactfully ,as there are different skin types I would recommend you go ahead to use what best suits your skin ,some people prefer body washes and some others prefer bar ,I am a bar soap kinda girl ,I would say when choosing a soap,look out for those ingredients  that are hydrating ,and would not strip your body of all its oils . Ingredients like glycerin .

The body shop olive body butter 
3) MOISTURIZE ; We live in a country where the climate is humid and a lot of people don't want to be bothered with creams because of sweat ,if you are one of those I would recommend the use of Oils ;coconut oil on the skin is very beneficial  ,apply to areas that get dry easily like elbows and knees .currently using The body shop OLIVE BODY BUTTER , it is very moisturizing and non greasy . Apply moisturizer after a bath  to lock in moisture and help improve the skin's ability to act as a barrier against the outside environs.
Neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunscreen 

SUNSCREEN; Not a lot of Nigerians use spf ,I won't lie I used to be in the dark about using an spf,spfs are used to protect the skin against sunburn .Uv a & b are very harmful to the skin ,ultra voilet A ,is the ray we dont feel ,but it sure penetrates into the skin which causes cancer,skin aging etc ,while ULTRA VIOLET B  is the very hot sun that you feel when its rays are on you,it  causes sunburn  . It is advised to use an spf 15 and above . When also purchasing makeup , powders or foundations ,look out for products that have Spf in them Zaron among many others is a Nigerian cosmetic brand that has at least spf 15 in their powder /foundation range .

Over to you ,what are your skin care routines ,Is there any step/product that you will like to recommend?

 Give love ,love now,love life

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For a number of reasons, I decided to change up my makeup routine, and that included the need to  change and be on the lookout for new...